Pritchard Girls’ Day Out

Two Mondays ago Grandma Mary played hooky from work and came to the city to hang out with her girls. The weather was gorgeous and we went for a walk and had lunch out in Laurel Village. Autumn enjoyed a day full of cuddles and songs and Mary indulged in some one-on-one time with her fourth grandchild. We’re hoping she’ll decide to skip work again and come play with us soon!

Don’t Tempt the Beast

When a pitcher is seven innings into a no-hitter, you don’t talk about it.  Everyone knows what’s happening; his teammates, his coaches, and foremost: his catcher.  Suggesting he’s on the verge of something rare and great is enough to send the psychological construct of the whole thing tumbling down.  You leave well enough alone, keep your thoughts to yourself and give him the time and space he needs.

When Autumn is having an exceptionally well-tempered day, we don’t talk about it.  “Don’t tempt the beast,” is our mantra.  A two-month old girl, given the right conditions, can be a source of profound joy or intolerable cruelty.  We’ve experienced more of the former, thankfully, but memories of the latter keep us vigilant.  We sing and swaddle, bathe and bounce.  We surround her in every way with a world of joy and peace.  And when we’re on a roll, and smiles abound, and the ringing in our ears has faded, we drink it in and keep the beast at bay.

Meeting More Family

The last week in October Autumn got to meet Grandma Eileen, Jody’s mom. Grandma sang funny songs and proved to be the ultimate cuddler. She and Autumn spent each afternoon wrapped in each others arms napping, and falling in love. It was so great having her here during the first week Matt was back at work. Autumn seemed to enjoy every minute.

The following weekend Uncle Brian, Aunt Marisa, and first cousin Bodhi flew in for a visit from Vancouver, WA. Having a 20 month old son has turned my little brother into a seasoned baby soother. Brian took Autumn during a fussy evening and magically put her to sleep in 15 minutes while I got to enjoy a hot meal. (Thank you, thank you, thank you!)

On that Sunday we enjoyed a trip with the Great Grandparents to the Bay Area Discovery Museum. Bodhi had a blast playing with all of the great interactive displays and we quickly decided we will be getting a membership here as soon as Autumn is crawling. What a great place to have so close to home!

First Smiles

Last Monday (10/27) the first official smile fluttered in like a butterfly. And each day we are blessed with more and more. If you want to feel like a million bucks, sing to her and bask in her toothless grin. It’s a treat requiring no trick at all.

Yesterday she turned six weeks old and yes, we had more cupcakes to celebrate! She’s growing so fast and is a joy to spend the day with. I’ve been experimenting with various wraps, slings, and carriers to figure out the best way to haul her around so I can be hands-free. It’s a fine science, this baby wearing, but I think I’m starting to figure it out. We took our first walk today with the Sleepy Wrap and she loved it. Here she is playing peek-a-boo after napping during a walk up to Laurel Village.

Getting out of the house each day is paramount. Yesterday we went to Mom and Baby yoga. It was basically controlled chaos, but fun none-the-less. We also enjoy walks with the other mammas and babies in our neighborhood. My friend Shayna and I had a mid-day moment last week on a corner in Presidio Heights. One stroller, one Moby Wrap, two baby girls, and a conversation that turned to recipe websites. We paused… OMG we’ve turned into those women! I’m officially an SF mommy. Ugh. Oh well, when in Rome…