First day of school! First day of school!

Wait, a year just passed? How did that happen? Yesterday Autumn started her second year at Presidio Preschool in their pre-K program. Even though she’s been going over the summer, the first day of school was still a big deal: new teachers, new students, new friends, and a new dress she helped make with Mom. I doubt we just started a tradition, but we had a great time and it helped establish her on her 17 year education track to become a dress designer – her stated career goal at age 3. We’re just trying to get our head around the process of enrolling her in a San Francisco kindergarten. We’ll need most of this next year to figure that out. Take your time little beauty. You’re growing up much too fast.


  1. Grandma Salsig says

    Jody, I’m proud of you, and my mom and grandmother would be proud of you too for making Autumn’s first day of school so special with a handmade dress. It occurs to me that I’m the one who broke this tradition by not starting you off to school in a dress made with my hands. I’m happy that you revived this family tradition. 🙂
    Autumn, learn as much as you can to make your dreams come true. The giraffes on your dress are very cleaver. Love you both, Grandma Eileen


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