Snow Bound

Getting Some Hands-On Experience

We knew there would be some compromises as we adjusted to our new roles as parents; occasions when our lifestyle would bend to meet the responsibilities of caring for a little girl.  We welcomed these changes, understanding that our adventures may slow down, but will be enriched with Autumn by our side.

Our time on the snow is sacred.  Jody and I have been season pass holders at Kirkwood for as long as we’ve been together: eight years this season.  We’ve had seasons with with 800 inches of snow and seasons where the daily special was hardpack in the morning and mashed potatoes by noon.  Such is life in the Sierra.  We’ve stayed at nearly every fleabag motel in South Lake Tahoe and we’ve spent cold, cold nights snow camping at Carson Pass.

Autumn’s baptism by powder has been preordained.  She’s at least two years away from her first day of skiing, but we thought it best to begin her immersion into the “lifestyle” sooner than later.  At four months, she’s already been to the Sierra three times.  If all goes according to plan, we’ll have two or three more trips before the season is over.

We spent a long MLK weekend near Homewood with an incredible group of friends.  Dubbed the “laziest weekend of the year,” we spent the better part of four days eating, drinking, napping, reading, playing games and taking casual strolls down to the Lake.  Effort levels were at record lows and only two people (Jody included) made it up the mountain for a bit of snowboarding.  Autumn was curious about the snow, but generally more interested in the tall trees that filled her view.

A few weekends later, we made our first trip of the season to Kirkwood.  We took a three-day weekend and made the best of it.  Each day we set up camp in the Red Cliffs day lodge, laying claim to one of the coveted sofas in the back corner.  We took turns watching Autumn while the other one got some time on the mountain.  Despite a dry season so far, the snow was surprisingly pleasant.  I can’t say that Autumn was terribly enthused to spend all day in the lodge.  She’s probably just anxious to get herself on the snow and show us how it’s done.   All in due time, little girl.