What are you trying to tell us, Autumn?

Autumn's First Text File

Autumn is rarely at a loss for words. And by words, I mean incoherent babbling. Her musings encompass nearly every aspect of her daily routine. While I’m certain she’s saying something profound, we just can’t seem to make it out.

Being raised by a pair of nitwits must certainly be frustrating.  Which is why Autumn decided to shift media this weekend and bang away on the keyboard.  It’s hard for a geek dad to be more proud; my girl’s first text file.  But what is she trying to tell us?

  • She leads with considerable white space.  Big ideas need room to breathe.
  • The first recognizable characters: vybn I’m pickin’ up what you’re putting down, girl.  Keep going.
  • Ohhh…you mean vybnnmhjjknm.  Clearly a reference to the remote fishing village along the southeast coast of Iceland.  I think we have a world traveler on our hands.
  • Next, a reference to pi.  My kid is damn genius.  Or if you read it phonetically, maybe she’s saying, “Mmm…pie.”  A gourmand perhaps?
  • And finally, she ends with some Greek.   And not a random sigma or delta or gamma.  She threw down the omega; last letter in the Greek alphabet.  Classy way to sign off.

I’m not sure what it all means, Autumn.  But we’re encouraged by your determination and itty-bitty geek cred.  Much love, little one.

Bay Crossing

Jody and Shayna with the girls on the Tiburon ferry

3/13/09: Jody, Autumn, Shayna, and Bea

“Let’s take the babies on the ferry and go to Tiburon for lunch!” This was the idea my friend Shayna had when our girls were only a few weeks old. But, it wasn’t until March 13th that the weather finally cooperated and we were organized enough to pull it off. And I’m using organized very loosely here.

After our regular Friday swim date, five of us and our babes hauled ass out of the JCC. This was the day we learned our friend Heather had the mad driving skills of a salty old cabbie, Shayna’s husband would forgive a giant dent in their bumper, and Ali was nearly left at the dock. Organized? Not exactly, but it happened, and in the land of being a new parent – that’s what matters.

It was one of those crystal clear days that reminds us why we love living in San Francisco. This was the first boat trip for all five kids and we blended in with the rest of the tourists with our cameras and giddy smiles. When we landed in Tiburon, we made a beeline for Guaymas (an upscale Mexican restaurant at the dock) and settled into our apps and beers. We were a scene without question. Five moms laughing it up, and five babies falling somewhere on the spectrum between peacefully napping and hysterics.

As we were wrapping up our meal, the ferry was pulling up and a quick check on someone’s iPhone revealed that this was in fact the last ferry until after the kid’s bedtime. Oops! We were working off the wrong schedule. Again, we tested our ability to pack up quickly and barely made it on board for our ride home. Luckily, I had packed “dessert” (a box of Matt’s Yummy Lovin’ Chocolate Chip Cookies) and we devoured them on the trip back. Anyone who’s tried them knows what a huge hit they were.

Despite the rush, the day was a huge success, and it felt good to get out do something beyond the ordinary. Next time: Angel’s Island.