Autumn, Meet Summer

Swing Time

Kids who grow up in San Francisco are bound to have a poorly calibrated seasonal clock. Summertime in this city brings blustery fare, marked by ominous fog banks that creep their way across the city every afternoon.  In July, the height of summer is usually greeted by grey skies and hordes of rosy-cheeked tourists wandering about in hastily purchased “Escape the Rock” sweatshirts.  It’s not until the late, lovely days of August  that we join the rest of our statesmen in a celebration of bluebird skies and clement days.

Crissy Field overflows with families and Golden Gate Park plays host to the weird and wonderful: Paddle Boats on Stow Lake, Roller Disco at Sixth Avenue and music at the Polo Fields.  We enjoyed this last weekend of August and the heatwave it brought.  Autumn has many more weeks to smile at the sun before her namesake arrives, and the temperature mellows.  Alas, she’s still a bit young to enjoy that San Francisco summertime rite: the It’s-It ice cream sandwich.  We have to save something for next year.