Grant Turns 60

The whole tribe traveled north last weekend to celebrate Grant’s birthday.  We had a beautiful house in Bodega Bay with an unbeatable view.  The weekend away was a surprise for Dad, and he seemed happy to drink it all in; big family meals, ample sofa time, and grandkids all around.  Autumn got passed around like a spliff at a Humboldt house party, enjoying some time with her aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents.

Scott and I surprised the birthday boy with a special gift.  My dad’s lifelong interest in aviation and the space program rubbed off on his sons in no small way.  We’re all airshow junkies and NASA fanboys.  A chapter in the history of flight will be closing soon with the end of the Space Shuttle program.  The final launch will take place some time in 2010.  Scott and I are taking our dad to see one of the Space Shuttle’s final flights; a cross-country adventure for the Pritchard boys.  The time is nigh to watch the big bird fly.

There are more photos from the weekend here.

A Big Thanksgiving for a Little Girl

Thanksgiving is all about family, food, and football. And Autumn’s first introduction to this special day included all of the above. We celebrated with a group of 17 in Novato, and Autumn was passed around like one of the side dishes. She didn’t want to miss any of the fun and insisted on staying awake nearly the whole day. She was passed out in Grandma Mary’s arms by the time her dad’s delicious pumpkin pie was served.

My heart swells when I think about all I am grateful for this year. We were blessed with a healthy happy pregnancy and now we have this new little life that makes us a family of three. I’m a mom. Wow. How do you begin to give thanks for a gift like that?

Sleeping Beauty

I’d like to dedicate this post to the following people:
Camilla, Amy L., Amy K., Mary, Mom, Lindsay, Shayna, Ted, Brian, Marisa, Jena, too many of the GGMG (Golden Gate Mothers Group) members to count, my wonderful husband Matt, and all of the other people I hit up for advice. Drum role please…

Autumn Sophia Pritchard slept for eight straight hours last night in her co-sleeper. Those of you who helped us get there know what a big deal this is. Of course she’ll probably be up every hour tonight since she knows I’m so well rested. Oh well. Onward into the night…