Mobile. Agile. Big Smile.

Attention Heisman voters: keep your eyes on this kid.

Carson took his first steps just a few weeks ago. He’s making his way through the stage where walking is interesting, but crawling is faster. And with more walking comes more falling. He’s grown a bit tougher in his second year, so the total tear count is being held in check. Here he is strutting his way along the Ocean Beach promenade.

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  1. Grandpa Salsig says

    What a great video. Thanks so much for sharing this important milestone. I have often wondered what my first steps looked like. Thanks to both of you – Carson will actually get to see his.

    Love, Grandpa

  2. Grandma Salsig says

    I see Carson is dress appropriately for the occasion and that everyone is enjoying this walking accomplishment. What fun! Thanks for sharing.



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